ckubs george
asked 10 years ago

Good day! Any thougts why this is happening? I don’t have a problem with the modified title as I will probably make another page template that has no title or look for a plugin to hide/show page title, but no matter what I did my theme sidebar is still akwardly positioned. Added in my theme’s CSS override file a maximum width of 60% for the Questions containeiner and nothing, chose the no sidebar template( wich my theme had didn’t added myself) and strangelly the sidebar still appears and still akwardly positioned 🙁

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answered 10 years ago

Dear @ckubs,

Please read the theme integration guide here:
Please read the document guide provided above before you create the 2 files “content-start-wrapper.phpcontent-end-wrapper.php“.  You will have to mirror your themes wrapper function in the content files.
Hope this helps!

ckubs george
replied 10 years ago

Ok, so let me understand. I read those but something is unclear for me. I have to do that even if I use the shortcodes or, If i do that I’ll have some custom pages to showcase my QnA thing?

replied 10 years ago

The theme integration is important if you want the plugin to look nice the want you want it to look.

The shortcode just provides you with extra display options, but they do not replace the main pages.

Hope this helps

ckubs george
replied 10 years ago

Ok, understand that, tried it to know what’s all about and now I have to fiddle with my theme page template and those files to see what div’s to add and how… Using just what’s there doesn’t gives me any sidebar and if I call their code appears still as bad under the content…

answered 10 years ago

Hello Ckubs ! 
Please follow the document guide provided by Guru and create the 2 files “content-start-wrapper.phpcontent-end-wrapper.php“.
– Please add the following code to the “content-start-wrapper.php file.

<section class="content-wrap clearfix" role="main">
    <section class="posts-wrap single-style-template-1 clearfix">
        <article id="page-192" class="post-192 page type-page status-publish hentry single-template-1 page-template-normal clearfix">
            <div class="column_inner">
        <?php if( is_page() || is_archive() ) { ?>
        <header class="entry-header">
            <h2 class="title"><?php _e( 'Question & Answer', 'dw-focus' ); ?></h2>
        <?php } ?>

– Add the following code to the  content-end-wrapper.php  file.

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

Hope this helps !

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