jamie y
asked 10 years ago

is there a way to redirect users to using WordPress registration? I have added other custom fields to the registration page and I noticed that if a user is not logged in and does not have an account, they can register straight from the DW question and answer plugin but that registration does not have the custom validation fields.

Web Designer
replied 10 years ago

you try replace DW question and answer register form with register button. will redirect to register page when clicked.

2 Answers
well wisher
answered 10 years ago

Hi when the user registers directly from dw question answers the password is send to him/her via email the process is same but yes you are right he/she can always ask his/her first question as long as the first login session remains which should be resolved by asking user to relogin first using the password mailed to him/her !!! This will help in reducing fake accounts creation and other problems as well !!

replied 10 years ago

Interesting point there!

Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

You can disable Guest can ask question on DWQA Permission setting.
User must be using your default registration system before ask a question.

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