Sapan Hota
asked 4 years ago

  although the plugin is great but lacked the most basic and important part i.e. user registration. I am having issues with that. My plugin is setup that only registered users can post questions and only the admin can post answers and comments.
The issue is, when a user want to ask question, it takes them to the Ask Question page where there is a login form and a Register link. If the user is new then he has to create an account clicking on the Register link which opens up the default WP login/registration screen and same as when a registered user try to login. 
I tried to install a user registration plugin but the problem was  when a user ask a question and goes to the Ask Question page and try to enter the login details in the on screen login form, it again take the user to the actual login form of the plugin and the other issue is the user not able to edit profile i.e. change password, etc. I am using this plugin
Can you suggest something where
the user can register on the page without going to the default WP registration page
Access the profile on the page iteself instead of WP dashboard 
Able to login/logout on the site itself instead of default WP login/logout screen
Here is my site

1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

In this case, you can try the following plugin:

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