kezko su
asked 10 years ago

do you have some shortcodes for this plugin ?
For example, I noticed that you can show questions related to a product, in the end of the question presentation, how did you do that ?
Also, here we can ask a question in a category AND for one product, how did you do that ?
Thank you very much and btw happy new year !
PS : your plugin is absolutely amazing !

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Kezko,
1. Unfortunately, Our DW Q&A does not yet support the shortcode at the moment.
2. If you want to display the  “Categories” section as our demo. Please log in to Dashboard > DW Q&A > Questions Categories > Add new.
3. The Product is actually Tag system. To display the  “Products” section in the Submit question page. You can log in to Dashboard > DW Q&A  > Questions Tags > Add new. Add tags for your Q&A and you will be able to display it.
Hope it answers your questions. Let me know if you have further questions 🙂
Cheers and Happy New Year!

kezko su
replied 10 years ago

Thank you for your answer Dominic,
When I add tags, and then go to ask a question page, on the left side, I have categories to be selected OK, like on this site;
but on the right side, I still have to write myself tags, I mean it is perfect in this way. But it is possible to create products categories too. So that when asking a question, you have to select two values in two fields.
Thank you

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Currently, DW Q&A plugin only support to add the products in the DW Q&A > Questions Tags. We will discuss about this issue in the next version.

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