Benjamin Brenot
asked 9 years ago

Hey designwall ! I’m really glad using DW Fixel, but I have a little issue with the Social Wall using polylang.

The main language of my blog is French, however I also write in English. In order to do so I am using Polylang. As I am using the Social Wall homepage template my welcomebox settings are written in French. Polylang duplicates the page with the code of the chosen language.

Here is the problem:
The edito of my site keeps publishing the french version of the edito on the english home, and if I edit the English home it changes the french home in english.
There is no way to make the parameters independant. But it works perfectly fine with the articles and other basic pages.

Blog : (click on the flag in the homapage menu to experience the problem)

I tried:

  • To duplicate the Social Wall template to assign it to the english social wall home page.

Is there anything I can do, any trick or whatever ? It makes is confusing for my visitors…

Thank you for your help ! Cheers !

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@benjamin : sorry , at this time our theme DW Fixel does not support this feature.
To create that home block , you have to setting in the back-end at Social Wall setting, the text there will be saved in a meta field end then write in the Home block and it doesn’t support translation , it’s not like the Editor you use to write content of the your article.Glad!

I think to resolve this you need to use Condition function with this Home-template when use Polylang between French and English, need to hard-code …

replied 9 years ago

Crap I guess I don’t have the level to code such a thing… I’ll keep searching for a solution, maybe polylang can answer… thank you anyway !

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