Samuel Straka
asked 7 years ago

Hello, I downloaded final version of FOCUS 2 ver. 1.0.0 and I activated it by its child theme.
I have a few question about it.
When I choice Tab or Column option in Mega Menu it look same. When I display Category archive there is layout grid only for both choice (grid and list).
Only one menu position is available in final version. If I configure main menu and it is placed as TOP menu, Mega Menu function for this menu is not applicated. Mega Menu function is applicated for menu under the header what consist all categories. It’s pity that there is not possibe to configured this menu under header. I think there is not possible neither customer order of these categories but they are an alphabetical order only.

1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

At the moment, the DW Focus 2 does not use the DW Mega menu to create the menu as you used on the DW Focus. See the screenshot:
The DW Focus 2 won’t compatible with the DW Mega menu plugin.  In this case, I sent and notified to your technical team, we will discuss about this issue. 

Samuel Straka
replied 7 years ago

Hi Dominic. I have two menu on my web. I configured TOP menu myself but any subcategories are not show when I move mouse to this menu items. I tried to configure the items of this top menu like Megamenu and also like standard menu (from categories) but result is same (without shown submenu).
Second menu under header consist all defined categories and this menu look like Mega menu.
You can see a few screenshots in this file :
Also is open and unanswered my question about display of category page. When I display Category archive page there is layout grid only for both choice (grid and list).

Dominic Staff
replied 7 years ago

Another member from our team checking and helping you resolve the issue.

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