Dan Black
asked 9 years ago


I am unable to have images / post titles display in the top menu.

It just acts as a normal menu would with typical drop down items.

My posts will mostly consist of featured images and videos.  Not sure if that plays a role.

Thanks for any advice

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

I have checked your site and see that you are using tags for the primary menu. To have menu items with the title and featured image of the post like our demo, you need to add the categories under Categories pane, not tags. Please do as the following.
1. To display featured images, first you need to set the featured image for the posts in Dashboard > posts, to archive it, look for “Set Featured Image” pane on the right hand side. I can see that you did so very well.
2.  Select the categories for the posts. You can add categories under the Categories pane on the right hand side.
Notice: If you want to have the categories and subcategories, go to Posts >> Categories to adjust as you want.
        – Category
               + Subcategory
               + Subcategory
2. Navigate to Appearance >> Menu > Look for the pane titled Categories on the left side, check the boxes next to the categories as you want, then click “Add to menu” button.
Notice: To display properly, just add the categories, not tags, posts, pages…Of course, parent menu item and sub-menu items are the categories.  Also, please find here for the guide on how to configure menu of the DW Focus: http://www.designwall.com/guide/dw-focus/#menus-configuration

Dan Black
replied 9 years ago

Thanks, I see what I did.

I had the parent menu item “category” even though “category” was a page, not a category.

Thanks for the help.

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