asked 6 years ago

I have purchased Question and Answers pro. I am using DW Wallpress theme. Can you please let me know how to achieve following:

  1. How to fetch List of most viewed question ? I would like to display these in side bar
  2. How to fetch list of latest unanswered questions order by date of posting
  3. How to fetch list of categories, I would like to display these on left hand side bar

Please let me know if there is any short code for these

1 Answers
answered 6 years ago

For all your question here :
At the moment, the plugin included the following widgets:
Some the option as order by does not support in the widgets. However, I sent and notified to our technical team about this issue. We will check and discuss about it in the next version. 

replied 6 years ago

Thanks for quick feedback.

Dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

If you have any issue or question, you can let me know. We will help you resolve it.

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