Marko Jaric
asked 9 years ago

Does version 1.0.7 allow me to specify which posts can appear in the “The Big Story” section, or do all posts still appear there?  How should I customize 1.0.7, so that it is compatible with future versions which will solve this problem?  Should I create a child theme which provides this feature for me?

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi David,
At the moment, DW Focus: News Slider widget (The Big Story) displays articles based on categories.
In order to display articles that you want, you can assign them into a same category (like creating a new category for displaying those articles only)

Sample: I set up for DW Focus: News Slider widget to display articles in Business category only

In order to display all articles:  All Categories

To be safe, you can create a child theme and start customizing on it.
Hope this helps! 

replied 9 years ago

That should work. Thanks!

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