Shawn Burgess
asked 10 years ago

When I try to press the Select File button/link to upload a new logo nothing happens at all.  It does not allow me to change that at all.  I have tried this on 3 browsers and all the same.   Can someone tell me how to change the logo? Thanks

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

To change the logo of the DW Wallpress theme, you can log in to Dashboard > Customize > Site Title, then select a file.
See the screenshot:
Hope this helps !

Shawn Burgess
replied 10 years ago

Thanks for the reply. I guess I should have made myself a little more clear. I have tried this procedure but when I click on the Select File button and/or the Select a File link as in your picture, nothing happens. The links are dead and do not do anything. I can change from Display as Site Title to Display as Site Logo but the link/button to upload a logo are not active.

The same applies for the link/button to upload and display a Site Favicon.

Is there something wrong with the theme?

Shawn Burgess
replied 10 years ago

Is there a way to just add the logo to the header in css? I don’t mind doing it that way if the customize menu does not allow me to add it. I would need to know the code though.


Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

You can send me username & password of your site (via private answer). We will help you resolve this issue.

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