asked 8 years ago

Hello, I see there is no option to upload files and images from Question Editor 🙁

Is is possible to do it with custom field types? Does DW Question Answer allow this? How?


3 Answers
answered 8 years ago

AT the moment, the plugin doesn not support to upload files and images from Question Editor, we will discuss it in the next version.

Also, If you want to have it, we are ready to help you as a custom work with a charge of fee.

answered 8 years ago

Yes, I would like it as a custom work…Can you send me an estimated quote and project duration?


Evgenii Montashov
answered 5 years ago

for three years, nothing has changed?

Dominic Staff
replied 5 years ago

At the moment, we have included this option into the Pro version, you can upload file to the question or answer.

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