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I’ve got Wallpress on my new WP blog and I’ve got some problems with it:

1. picts in my posts do not scale on page type “blog”. I may use smaller images but this is not what I want. What should I do to make it looks right?

2. mayby it’s stupid but I do really don’t know how to add slideshows into posts like there are in demo, or films..Pls help.

3. What is going on with post on demo Wallpress site that some of them has pict only on main page but inside posts there ar no picts. And some posts have pict or other media over title, the other one under title.

4. how to make one of posts looks biger on main page – like on demo?

Sorry for my English 🙂



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answered 11 years ago

1. I think you need to set featured image 2. To fix your sliders issue of the posts , please follow the steps below: – Add a new post as usual, then select Post Format from the drop-down list. You can see the screenshot to know more information:

– Click on “Attach” link to add new image to the Media Library. You can see the screenshot: – On popup window “Find Post or Pages”, select your articles. Please see the screenshot to know further information: Also, If you want to add the video to the post, you can add the video link from youtube to the post then select the “Video” Format for this post from the drop-down list. You can see the screenshot to know more information:

3. You need to set featured image for the posts and these images will show on the home page.

– If you add the images directly to the post by clicking on “Add Media” button, these images will display under the post title.

If you want to show the image above the post title, you need to set featured image.

4. please see my instruction below: – Add new post -> At the bottom of content frame, there will be “Custom Fields”. -> And add new Custom Fields with:

+ Custom field name: grid

+ Custom field value: double See the screen shot:

manel capdevila
answered 11 years ago

Thanks a lot for this answer (and for the theme)!

Another question regarding the post with Custom field (“grid-double”): Is there any way to keep it in the first place? I mean, to force it to stay at the top-left grid position, and prevent the newest posts to occupy that place?

Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

In order to have a post to stay at the top-left side: please select the check box: “Stick this post to the front page” (see the attached image) BEFORE you publish a post.

Click “Ok” then click “Update”

Hope this helps

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