Daniel Villiers
asked 10 years ago

Hi, thank you for your very nice theme. I wanted to know what system or plugins are you using in your gallery in the dw-timeline demo. I have tried to modofy format page to gallery but any format setting does not seem to change anything.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Daniel !
We use WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin which allows you to display the Gallery Post Format.
You should install the WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin before getting started. After installing and activating the plugin successfully, you need to insert the shortcode [carousel] into your post. The WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin will get all images which currently uploaded into your Media.
So, make sure that you upload images from your computer into the Media Library so that the Gallery Posts will be displayed properly. Before publishing, navigate to Format pane on right hand side and select Gallery.
– Please find here for the document guide on how to configure the theme:

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