asked 8 years ago

I love you plugin but I have seen big differences between the one you are using and that I am using. Where can I get the one you are using on this webpage.

Nico Pagel
replied 8 years ago

Its the “beta” version of the future update of your plugin… It will be aviable in the next update I think. They spent some time into the design..

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hello Amada !
At the moment we are driving our site to become not only a small question-answer site also a community where everyone can share their knowledge and learn from others. DW Q&A plugin used on is particularly designed with some special features in order to be fit our system so the style will be different from the official version of  DW Q & A plugin that you are using. However, all core features and functions of the DW QA we still keep, only change a bit of style and some small features. If you want to have it, please stay tuned. We are always growing the plugin better and better and we still update new features in the next versions.

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