Steve Fronek
asked 8 years ago

See products slider area here:
The width of each product box is currently 235. What is the proper CSS for making these boxes 275?
Also, I have the display order set to “Recent” and then have the publish dates set so the products should be showing from lowest price to highest price. However, they don’t show in this order. How can I order them from lowest price to highest (going from left to right) or have them follow the menu order which is set on the woocommerce product page for each product?

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

To change the product box from 235px to 275px, please follow the jetpack’s guideline in the Blog article on how to use Edit CSS here.
After that, just add the following code to the Edit Css.

.dw-products-slide .item { width: 275px !important;}

– At the moment, DW Trendy does not yet support to display product in the “WooCommerce Products Slide” widget from lowest price to highest price. I have notified our technical team about this option. We will check and help you as soon as possible.

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