Andreas Knaup
asked 10 years ago

You do not have permission to view questions
Can you give me a help?
User permissions are set so, that everyone can view the questions

Andreas Knaup
replied 10 years ago

I have checked…when I’m logged in a i can’t view questiosn as a normal user, a not logged in user can view the questions..

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

To resolve the issue when user can’t view the questions in the site, You can log in to Dashboard > DW Q&A > Settings > Permission
See the screenshot: 
Hope this helps!

Jim Hansen
replied 10 years ago

I have the same problem, Logged in users “Do not have permission to view questions” – event though the permissions is set as above.

What seem to be the problem? Does not help to empty catch etc.

Ansif 02
replied 10 years ago

I had same problem!

I know settings about : Dashboard > DW Q&A > Settings > Permission

But this will not effect normal user page!

Also normal user not have permission to access DW support forum, even that user not able to edit their own profiles :
You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.


answered 8 years ago

This is still not fixed, it seems. I have made a solution in the sourcecode of the function dwqa_current_user_can. It seems that if you have no roles/permissions, but you are logged in (ie via buddypress), the function results false. If you add an extra if-statement it will work:

if ( isset( $anonymous[$type[1]][$type[0]] ) && $anonymous[$type[1]][$type[0]] ) {
 return true;

Can somebody also change this in a new version of the plugin?

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