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Over the past years, WordPress CMS has become one of the most in-demand platforms for establishing a website for both business and personal purposes. More and more users are eager to be fully in control of their online resource, changing its look and feel whenever they feel comfortable to. Naturally, this puts an issue of a WordPress based website customization into the spotlight for those individuals who are not tech-savvy enough, yet have no wish to bring any third-party web developers into the game. So, what to do?

Well, the answer is simple and complicated at the same time. Here it is: try using customizable WordPress themes that can take the majority of a web design related headache away. Choosing a WordPress website layout that would be the most appropriate for your online project can be quite tedious, though, since the amount of pre-built templates offered by multiple vendors is enormous.

Also, there is an issue of uniqueness, because utilizing a ready-made WordPress template puts your Internet business in the row of look-alikes who may employ the exact same layout for their own enterprises. Thus, the solution is – customize. In spite of the fact most premium WordPress themes come packed with extensive functionality allowing to choose multiple elements within the interface, there are still some features that are not subject to being modified. For this reason, there is plenty of tools to customize WordPress themes with.

So, why should one use a customizable WordPress theme for their website?

Keep in mind that it’s very much unlikely for premium WordPress themes to come free, but they are definitely worth every cent spent. The Internet template providers and marketplaces offer a number of WordPress layout solutions to choose from: Monstroid, DW Brickstore, DW Simplex to name a few, and many more. Ultimately, it all comes to the four main reasons why opting for a customizable WordPress theme is utterly beneficial:

Presenting a unique website appearance

Being in control of the ultimate look of a website is beneficial because it instantly becomes recognizable and associates with a certain product or service. Most ready-made WordPress themes offer a website builder integrated into a control panel that allows making changes to the layout structure, typography, modules and plugins used within the theme. Most premium WordPress themes come packed with a number of child themes to help the users be more creative for a change.

Monstroid WordPress Theme

Monstroid, a flagship product by TemplateMonster, offers extensive WordPress functionality, powered by Cherry Framework 4. Monstroid allows to change website layouts in the fatter of several clicks and enjoy the new look and feel right away.

DW Brickstore theme

DW Brickstore theme has a SiteOrigin page builder which offers unlimited customization options in combination with WooCommerce functionality to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Creating a solid online presence for a brand

One more thing to benefit from is effortless branding features offered by customizable WordPress themes. Uploading the logo, selecting a website layout that corresponds to a company brand book, choosing the right colors and typography for a web page, a few more touch-ups – and here you are!

DW Simplex theme

DW Simplex theme is perfect for business and branding needs. It lets users modify their logo and brand features, as well as showcase products and services in a business portfolio.

No knowledge of coding is required to create a full-fledged design

Having a few web development tricks up your sleeve to add a line of code here and there to make a website pitch perfect is awesome. But what if you lack in the programming department? Using the services of a seasoned coding expert can be time-consuming and expensive as well as cause project delays, making clients unhappy. Customizable WordPress themes put the coding issue aside with the extensive drag-and-drop functionality or Visual Composer plugin used as its substitute. Sometimes several enhancements can be thrown into a VC plugin to make it a more powerful tool.

Visual Composer plugin

Visual Composer plugin offers to add supplementary elements such as contact forms, slides, carousels and more to the structure of a web page.

Obtaining a guarantee for the future

And finally, the greatest advantage of using pre-made WordPress themes is future-proofing. The best customizable WordPress website layouts usually come with regular updates, round-the-clock client support service and an active community that is usually quite helpful with troubleshooting and customization. Since the WordPress core gets updated once in a few months, theme developers put effort to make premium themes compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Choosing WordPress as the content management system in combination with top-notch premium website themes allows comprehensive customization for any kind of website, whether it’s a business or personal online resource. Creating an Internet business venture can boost your brand, this is why WordPress themes are perfect for sustaining a solid business presence online for a long period of time. So, what are the pros and cons of using customizable WordPress themes, in your opinion? Sound off in the comment section below!

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Irene Adler

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