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Typography has a crucial role to play in the acceptance of your website and its success. Fonts used in the web design are an integral part of the overall look and feel of the website and also its distinctiveness. Just as you pay attention to choosing the images, content, layout, etc., typography is an aspect of web design that requires equal if not more heed. When we talk about best typography plugins, all we make out is the best fonts.

The core installation of WordPress already has nice typography features but when you need to manage more advanced aspects such as hyphens, text replacements with images, and long URLs, the WordPress plugins come into the picture.

WordPress is the most popular content management system used to build and manage websites. Over 80 million websites rely on WordPress and it is no surprise if you are planning to get your website up and running on WordPress. A lot of things including the typography become magically easy to manage when you use WordPress. The different plugins that enhance the functionalities of a WordPress website can also let you add and manage typography of your website.

Best Typography WordPress Plugin Ever

We have compiled a list of WordPress typography plugins that you can download and add to your WordPress website and choose from a range of fonts.

1. Google Typography

Google Typography is a simple plugin that lets the users make use of more than 600 Google fonts and even customize them. All this is possible without writing even a single line of code. The fonts that you add and customize can be applied to CSS selector and HTML tags. The plugin is easy to install and can be installed straight from the WordPress website.


2. WP Google Fonts

Google has a great list of fonts which you can use in your website using this plugin. The plugin allows the easy and swift addition of Google Fonts to your website. The plugin can be used with the visual editor with additional functions like extra font size, advanced filter for fonts and you can also replace fonts faster with it.


3. WP Typography

A number of typography features such as space control, quotes handling, use of hyphens can be added to the WordPress blog using this plugin. Apart from these features, long URL wrapping, acronyms, and intelligent character placement are some other attributes of this plugin.

4. Google Font Manager

Using this plugin, you can easily add Google fonts to the website. There is a plethora of options ideal for both beginners as well as the advanced users. If you are writing the code for your theme, you can refer the fonts from the CSS code, otherwise, the plugin can be used with the help of WordPress built-in functions as well.


5. WP Super Edit

This plugin is designed to control the wysiwyg visual editor of WordPress. It is essentially a framework that adds more features to TinyMCE plugins. You can arrange the buttons in WordPress visual editor, configure visual editor settings and do many other things with the plugin.

6. Font-resizer

As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin is used to change the size of the font for any content on the website. This plugin lets your website visitors change the font size as per their requirement. As the plugin saves the settings in a cookie, the website opens with the desired font size whenever it is opened by that user.


7. Use Any Font

This is a plugin that does not restrict the users from using any font as long as they have the font format in ttf, otf, and woff. Also, there is no dependence on the remote servers unlike many other font services. The plugin is quick to setup and support all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox to name a few.


8. TypeKit Fonts For WP

All the Adobe TypeKit fonts can be used on the website when you install this plugin. You will not even need to edit the CSS files of the themes for using the TypeKit fonts. You just require an Adobe TypeKit account to be able to use this plugin.

9. Simple Pull Quote

Pull quotes can be added to the blog with the help of Simple Pull Quote Plugin. It is the best tool to emphasize the sentences that you wish to highlight in the blog. There is a CSS file included in the plugin and pull quotes can be modified by editing this file.


10. Simple Drop Caps

Using this plugin, it is easy to add personalized drop caps to your posts, pages, and comments. Other kinds of initials can also be created with the help of this plugin. Drop Caps is compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well.

Closing Remarks

These are just a few of the WordPress Typography plugins to give you an idea about them. You can choose any of them and manage the typography of your WordPress website better. These plugins can be treated as a starting point for your typography needs and used to get a stellar start to WordPress typography for your website. If you think, there are other plugins that can be added to the list, get back to us through the comments.

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