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We have redesigned Everything! Yes you heard it right, we have spent months working on redesigning our site and refreshing our own image and brand. We’re aware that this revolution will take up all our time and resources, yet we believe it’s time to shake up and refresh ourselves. We took this chance and redesigned our custom WordPress theme.

So ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to introduce you our makeover website: DesignWall Evo.

DesignWall Evo

Refreshment in Look & Feel

Everything got a facelift. We make good use of Flat and modern design to bring the refreshment in look and feel for the site. We carefully chose colors for the site while still keep our traditional orange as the highlight.

Helvetica font is too mainstream and that’s why we chose the alternative one – Aktiv Grotesk Std instead. The font is just perfect and fits our needs: clean and elegant.

The site is content oriented

We also spent time and effort in restructuring the site content and making sure that everyone can access the information they are looking for relatively easily. There is be no place for vagueness.

The homepage got its new layout and content structure. We have revamped the page and put essential information about our products and services on the homepage where you can quickly access them without surfing around like before.

Our themes and plugins info pages also got facelifted with new layout and content structure. Bigger pictures and significant information are presented.

Basically all the changes in content would not affect you and your account with us. We kept your profile page the same as before. If you find any broken links or changes in your profile, which should not be, please shoot us a note.

Changes in License

This would be considered as one of the significant changes that you should take a look at. While respecting and supporting WordPress community and GPL License, we wish to own the copyright of our original works. For that reason, we decided to make a change in our License.

We now move from 100% GPL to Split GPL License, applied to all products. Split GPL License means that our WordPress themes and plugins PHP codes are under GPL license, whilst other elements which are packed together in a product (including but not limited to images, style sheets, JavaScript, source codes, PSD, Font files, SQL files and so on) are not under GPL license but DesignWall Proprietary License.

You can read more details about our DesignWall Proprietary License at our Terms & License.

WordPress 3.9 and Bootstrap 3

The new site is built on WordPress 3.9 and Bootstrap 3 and it is fully responsive. We take it seriously to keep ourselves up-to-date with latest web development techniques.

What’s next?

Going Membership? We are as cautious about moving to Membership as much as you are. This will be our next big move. There will be a lot of things to consider and work on but the plan is taking up a notch, and we are serious on moving forward to Membership.

Changes, of course, there will be huge changes in your account and profile. Benefits for our loyal users remain a priority whilst the cost is carefully calculated and considered. We will make sure fair-trade benefits everyone. We will soon have the official announcement about this move.

In short

Even with an eagle eye for details, we believe there will be room for improvement and we are open to any feedback and suggestions. If you run across any weird things or problems, please let us know by commenting directly on this blog or reporting them here or simply sending us an email at

Now, enjoy our new website and let’s celebrate our new home with a Flash Deal of 20% Off All Products which lasts for 3 days only (until 23rd May).

Coupon code: DWEVO20

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Jin is Nanny at DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins. She makes sure everyone is happy, every question is answered, every release is bug-free. She also blogs about our products and shares her WordPress knowledge with our readers. Jin is also a travel lover.