DW Timeline Pro – Responsive Timeline WordPress Theme version 1.0.6 release

Our Responsive timeline WordPress theme for blog and portfolio sites DW Timeline Pro has been updated to the latest version 1.0.6 with bug fixes and new improvement.

This is a quick update for the theme based on all the feedback and bug reports from our users. A new improvement lies in the Customize section where you can choose to enable or disable the front-end Post form. Check out the screenshot below.


The whole new free WordPress theme timeline – DW Timeline

Free timeline WordPress theme - DW Timeline

I hope that you guys enjoy our quick recap on the year 2013 at DesignWall. It’s been a good year and all thanks for you.

The page looks familiar? You may recognize by now that the page was using the timeline layout, first introduced by Facebook. I guess we are all familiar with the timeline layout thanks to Facebook. Inspired by this unique layout, we have decided to turn it into a theme for WordPress. The recap page is our HTML version of upcoming WordPress themes DW Timeline & DW Timeline Pro – featuring the popular timeline layout for blog and portfolio.