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Few weeks ago we have released a free theme DW Timeline – an innovative WordPress theme featuring the popular timeline layout from Facebook.

Starting from that, we continue to develop a premium version of this theme with more features and functions added. Here it is: DW Timeline Pro – Premium Timeline WordPress theme.

Using the Starter theme Roots with custom in code and inheriting all the features from the free theme DW Timeline, the premium version is way cooler and If you already use DW Timeline theme, then you should not miss out this premium theme – DW Timeline Pro.


1. Responsive Layout

Only in this theme DW Timeline Pro that we support the responsive layout. The theme is 100% responsive and ready to rock on any mobile device and tablet.


2. Front-End Post form

In order to enhance the blogging experience, front-end post form with editor is supported in DW Timeline Pro theme.

What does it mean? A post form in front-end? Yes, we support a form with editor right in the front-end where you can quickly post an article, a blog post or simply a status to homepage without going through the admin panel.


There are 4 different post formats you can post via front-end post form: Status, Gallery, Video and Link. That is for now, for other post formats, unfortunately you still need to create them via admin panel.


Did I say “Editor”? Yes I did, because we support a complete Editor with 2 options: Visual and Text for Status post format. HTML is supported as well.

It’s your blog so have it your way.

3. Instant tweet for selected text

Raise your hand if you know or use Medium? A short introduction for those who don’t know about Medium yet. Still at the closed beta stage, Medium is a new platform for sharing ideas.

What we love about Medium is that, it introduces an innovative way to interact reader in every post: Notes. A way like no others. It works like we highlight a text in a textbook and write down side notes beside it.

So in love with this idea, we have decided to make it for this DW Timeline Pro theme: Instant Tweet for blog posts, you can instantly tweet a selected text or paragraph of an article. This feature will definitely enhance the interaction for your blog: people can share and interact directly to the text that they find interested in, instead of a comment tweet of a whole article.

Sharing your favorite text to others via Twitter becomes more quickly and easily than ever.

4. Off-canvas sidebar on desktop and mobile

In DW Timeline Pro theme, we replace the normal menu navigation with the Off-Canvas navigation for both Desktop and mobile devices.


The Off-canvas menu can be applied for desktops. Taking advantage of the off-space, the off-canvas menu provides the convenience when navigate your blog, especially on mobile devices and tablet.

What do we support in this Off-canvas menu? We will have a search form, a complete menu along with WordPress default widgets.

5. A default plus new style

In addition to the default style, we provide you an extra Flat style and make sure you pick the one that suite your blog.


Impressed enough? Explore the demo now and check out the theme for yourself.


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Thanks and enjoy the 20% discount! Here is your coupon code: DWTLPRO20


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Jin is Nanny at DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins. She makes sure everyone is happy, every question is answered, every release is bug-free. She also blogs about our products and shares her WordPress knowledge with our readers. Jin is also a travel lover.


Not sure how to thank you on this Theme. I love it so much. I have been waiting for this Theme for so long.

I am really happy that I found you on Internet. I am really looking forward to continue to work with you and your future projects.

Thank you so much