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Keeping up with the regular updates and improve schedule for the plugin DW Question and Answer since its stable release of version 1.1.0, now we have made it to the version 1.2.0 of the DW Question and Answer plugin. The update release is available on both DesignWall and

What’s new in this update version? The plugin now has Sticky Question feature, Thesis theme compatible, Shortcode added, New setting for number of questions displayed on a page and much more.


WordPress plugin Dw Question and Answer

1. Sticky question

Sticky question on DW Question and Answer plugin
Sticky question feature

This is a significant feature which we now support in the DW Question and Answer plugin. This works similar to how you make a sticky post in WordPress.

Yes very simple! As the site admin you can set any question as a sticky post by checking the sticky post option in the admin panel. You can set as many questions as you want.

What nice about this feature is that, you can pin a hot, on-going question to the top and get more involve from others. Or simply pin a popular question to the top and make it more available to everyone.


2. Shortcode added

In this version of the DW Question and Answer plugin, we have added the shortcode to support the some anticipated functions like: Popular Questions, Latest Answers, Question List and Ask Question Form functions. One extra for Question follow function.

 [ dwqa-popular-questions ]
[ dwqa-latest-answers ]
[ dwqa-list-questions ]
[ dwqa-submit-question-form ]
[ dwqa-question-followers ]

You can place the shortcode anywhere you want to,even widgets.


3. Separate setting for Number of Questions per page

If you ever tried to change the number of questions displayed on a page, you would have realized that in older versions of the plugin, we used the same setting as number of blog posts displayed on a page. This meant when you changed in the plugin, your blog page would be affected. This was not convenient at all, so in this updated version we have separated the settings.

WordPress plugin DW Question and Answer
Setting in the admin panel

Now you have more control over the plugin.


4. Thesis theme compatible

Thesis theme compatible with DW Question and Answer plugin

For those who use Thesis theme, you already know that Thesis theme uses a totally different layout and works differently compared to the default WordPress theme. Due to the differences, it has been a tough case to integrate our plugin into Thesis theme.

Well, in the version 1.1.2, this will be no longer the case. We have adapted Boxes and developed DWQA Box to make the plugin compatible with Thesis theme. Thing is now much easier for you to install and use the plugin for Thesis theme.


5. Other updates and bug fixes

Here are some other important updates and bug fixes we made for this version:

Update the language .po file: improve the language in .po file to make it easier to translate the plugin. And If you encounter any issue while translating the plugin, please feedback to us and we will update the plugin.

Update anchor link for answer: now for each answer of a question, we support a unique ID and an anchor link where you can link directly to that answer or even share the answer to others.

Bug fixes: some major bug fixes in the plugin’s functions like: Best answer visible, duplication in Follow function and email notification send out issue.

Well! That’s pretty much it for this time update. Let grab the plugin and update your Q&A site now.

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Download v1.2.0 Now![/wpsharely]

We will see you in the next release of the plugin, promising to have more cool stuff.

P.S: don’t forget to review and rate our plugin on

P.S.S: and if you have any idea or suggestion or any feature that you wish to have, feel free to leave us comments or be a contributor on Github

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Jin is Nanny at DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins. She makes sure everyone is happy, every question is answered, every release is bug-free. She also blogs about our products and shares her WordPress knowledge with our readers. Jin is also a travel lover.


Great features… Please try to make a seperated tempalte System within the next Updates… I guess a lot of people would like to make their own tempaltes for QA. 🙂

Hi Javi,
Glad that the shortcode helps!
About the style, can you be specific? How does it look on your site? Which issue are you facing? If you need support, please raise it to our Q&A site.