Tools for Building an E-Learning Website with WordPress to Create an LMS

If you need to set up an e-learning environment or learning management system (LMS) to deliver online courses then WordPress could well be the perfect platform for your project.

Whether you want to build a website that solely focuses on delivering learning content, or you want to add an online course to an existing WordPress website, the e-learning tools we will be looking at in this post will allow you to do so with relative ease.

Frist you will get an overview of the three main options for turning WordPress into an LMS. Then we will take a look at some suitable themes you can use to transform the look and feel of your website in order to better suit your learning content. Continue

Advanced WordPress Analytics: Heat Maps, Click Tracking, and Visitor Session Recordings

If you want to know more about how your visitors experience your website and what they do once they’ve arrive on one of your web pages, the tools we are looking at today can help you do just that.

While Google Analytics is most website owners go to user reporting tool, if you look a little bit further afield you can find a wide selection of tools that can give you an even greater insight into what your visitor are doing on your website. These tools allow you to see where your visitors are clicking, what is the focus of their attention, and even playback entire visitor journeys on your site. Continue

Group Your Posts to Create a Series or Course in WordPress

Today we are going to test three plugins that allow you to group a selection of your posts together in order to create a series or course.

While you can use the default WordPress categories or tags to organize your content, these plugins go a step further and add a new tag for your content which allows you to create a series. This approach helps your readers follow a sequence of posts on your site. Continue

How to Create PDF and EPUB Ebooks from WordPress Posts and Pages

In this post we will be taking a look at the best options for converting your WordPress posts and pages into ebooks and PDFs. Compiling some of the best content on your site into a single document is the perfect way to create an enticing lead magnet that can be given away to help encourage your readers to join your mailing list.

As you’ve already created the content as blog posts on your site, publishing it as a downloadable file is a great way to repurpose that content and gain more value from it, while also making it more accessible to your readers. Continue

How to Build an Auction Site with WordPress and Start Selling Your Items to the Highest Bidder

Although I’ve been using and working with WordPress for a while now, it still amazes me the type of websites you can build with it, simply by installing a few plugins and picking the right theme.

One such type of website that surprised me with how easily it can be built using WordPress is an auction site. These main features of this type of site include the ability to list items for sale that visitors can bid on with the highest bidder able to purchase the item. However, there are many more features that can be added to such as site as we will find out shortly. Continue