Why & How to wisely use WordPress plugins for your site

How often do you look at your WordPress plugin directory and ask yourself these questions: “Am I using too many plugins?”, “Are there any of them that seem excessive and should be removed?”, “Do these plugins affect my site’s security, speed or performance?”. If not, then I advise you to.

It can not be denied that WordPress plugins help adding up to our site’s functionality without altering much of the core structure. This is extremely useful for any non-coder out there who don’t want mess up with coding but still afford to add all kinds of nuts and bolts features to their sites. However, troubles come when we unknowingly integrate too many nonessential or even harmful plugins that may drag our site down. Continue

DW Question & Answer WordPress Plugin version 1.2.0 update release is now available

Keeping up with the regular updates and improve schedule for the plugin DW Question and Answer since its stable release of version 1.1.0, now we have made it to the version 1.2.0 of the DW Question and Answer plugin. The update release is available on both DesignWall and WordPress.org.

What’s new in this update version? The plugin now has Sticky Question feature, Thesis theme compatible, Shortcode added, New setting for number of questions displayed on a page and much more.



DW Question & Answer WordPress plugin version 1.1.0: A complete makeover

DW Question and Answer plugin for WordPress

It has been awhile since we first released our DW Question & Answer WordPress plugin and we feel grateful for receiving lot of interests and support and as well as contributed ideas. Though it is our free WordPress plugin, we have been spending a huge commitment and effort in developing the plugin and keep it growing.

To kick start the new year, we proudly announced the new release of DW Question & Answer plugin: version 1.1.0 with a makeover along with bug fixes and a lots of improvements.