asked 8 years ago

Hi, this is not designwall related but WordPress 4.6. related; is it somehow possible to change the default of the new “insert/edit link” dialog box (under the “link options” cogwheel), to make all links open in new windows? i.e. the “open link in new tab” checked? it would save some editors a lot of clicks (for posts that have a lot of links that have to be opened so).
See screenshot below.
Or is the only way to add one of the older plugins which do this? like
will those even work with the upgraded editor in wordpress 4.6?

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

About your issue, you can try to add the following code to the footer.php file (before the </body> tag).



If you still face their issue, Please let me know, I will check and help you resolve this issue.
Hope this helps!

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