Dusan Mihajlovic
asked 9 years ago

I added questions and answers trough All Import plugin. Everything is fine, I made question/answer relation in postmeta table and the answer is shown under question after import but on the listing page counter of answers is 0 for imported q&a. I tried to find the count in post meta table but there is nothing like that.

Can you help me and tell me where Answers count on listing page coming from (database)?


1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@Dusan Mihajlovic : hi, The answers in an SQL condition that count the post_ID that have post_meta=_question and the meta_value of it = question_id( post_id of the question ) with post_type = 'dwqa-answer' and the post_status can be private and publish. You can check it in function: dwqa_question_answers_count() at dw-question-answer\inc\actions.php from line 494 to 517.

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