asked 5 years ago

Hi there

I had DWQA installed (free version) and somewhen realized I have 3424 categories named questions-2, questions-3, …, questions-3424. 

I started to delete them manually in the plugin, about 100 or so. 

The next day I saw, that there are again 30 or 40 categories more than the day before. 

I then delted all of them, and also the the categories I created by myself in phpMyAdmin. So, there where 0 (zero) categories. 

Just two or three minutes later magically two categories reappeared. And then every few minutes a categorie has been created without me doing anything at all. I didn’t even touch anything in my WordPress installation, just refreshed the category page of DWGA after a few minutes. Category after category has been created. 

Of course I do not wanna use DWQA because of this. But is it voodoo or a known bug or something else you can explain somehow?

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answered 5 years ago

Please send me your username & password of your site and FTP for further checking, you can use the private option under the answer box.
see the screenshot:

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