Joshua Alday
asked 10 years ago

I’ve been working on adding a feature where an anonymous user can submit a question with a name. I’m not done with the implementation, but I would like to get submit this as a possible feature and see if DW would be interested in letting me commit this feature.
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1 Answers
Joshua Alday
answered 10 years ago

Hello… I haven’t received an answer on this so I’m curious to know if it has been seen yet. I would like to send DW a diff of some features that I think DW should have. I’m not looking for money or anything like that. I just feel like I should share my code. Open source is the best way.

well wisher
replied 10 years ago

You should definitely mention your contribution request to @Dominic hope designwall finds this usefull but if anonymous users start asking questions using a name then how are you going to differentiate between the registered users and anonymous users ii think everyone in that case would like to stay anonymous without registration

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