Florian G
asked 10 years ago

Hi there,
I have a question:
I want my permalinks to look like this:

  • Frontpage: site.com/community
  • Question: site.com/community/%category%/%post_name% (eg. site.com/community/general-question/change-permalinks)
  • Answer: site.com/community/%category%/%post_name%/answer-%answer_id% (eg. site.com/community/general-question/change-permalinks/answer-1)
  • Category: site.com/community/%category%

At the moment this is completely crap:


is set in question permalink, because if I set “community” only, this leads to a 404 error

  • Frontpage: site.com/community (but site.com/community/question when you click on breadcrumb)
  • Question: site.com/community/question/%category%/%post_name%
  • Answer: site.com/kb/dwqa-answer/answer-for-%post_name% (because in /kb/ is my knowledge base, but why is it used for answers?)
  • Category: site.com/community/question/community?taxonomy=dwqa-question_category&dwqa-question_category=%category% (leads to a 404 error)

So you can see, none of the links work as they should

  • On frontpage, the link sometimes contains the slug of the question permalink
  • On questions page if would need to specify the same slug as the frontpage template
  • The answers link is completely wrong
  • The category does also contain the slug of the question permalink

How can I solve that?
Thank you

Florian G
replied 10 years ago

I also tried something like this:

But does also lead to a 404 error :/

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Apologies for the delay in replying to you, at the moment, our DW Q&A does not support to change the permalink as you want.

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