asked 2 years ago

Where can I change the text that appears if an anonymous user accesses the forum? See image attached:
I’m familia with editing .php files, just let me know which file it is at, I can’t find it.

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answered 2 years ago

You can create the dwqa-templates/styles/default folder in your theme folder and go to the wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer-pro/templates/styles/default folder then copy/paste the login-form.php file into the dwqa-templates/styles/default folder to custom.

replied 2 years ago

No, I don’t want to create a new .php file. I’m not familiar with doing that. What I want to do is LOCATE EXACTLY where this text is “You do not have permission to view questions” and change it something else. I want to change the existing .PHP file, I am using a plugin called theme editor to do so. I’ll ask my question clearly here: Which .php file is this text “You do not have permission to view questions” in?

Dominic Staff
replied 2 years ago

I think you have not read carefully and understood my answer.
I am instructing you to customize the plugin without being affected by the new version updates.
Also, I have included the login-form.php file in the previous answer, you can change the String in this file.

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