Wil Witting
asked 8 years ago

Could you please make it possible to use the Google reCAPTCHA, so that I have one kind of Captcha throughout my website?

2 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 8 years ago

You can get this extension to use Google reCaptcha on your website: https://www.designwall.com/wordpress/dwqa-extensions/dwqa-captcha/

replied 8 years ago

there is no setting fields for Google reCaptcha v2 in the DWQA Captcha extension

Christian Widlund
answered 8 years ago

added this to dwqa-captcha.php

            __( 'Google reCaptcha v2 Site key', 'dwqa' ), 
            array( $this, 'gc_public_key_display' ), 

            __( 'Google reCaptcha v2 Secret key', 'dwqa' ), 
            array( $this, 'gc_private_key_display' ), 


    public function gc_private_key_display() {
        global $dwqa_general_settings;
        $private_key = isset( $dwqa_general_settings['captcha-google-private-key'] ) ?  $dwqa_general_settings['captcha-google-private-key'] : '';
        echo '

<input type="text" name="dwqa_options[captcha-google-private-key]" value="'.$private_key.'" class="regular-text">

'; } public function gc_public_key_display() { global $dwqa_general_settings; $private_key = isset( $dwqa_general_settings['captcha-google-public-key'] ) ? $dwqa_general_settings['captcha-google-public-key'] : ''; echo '

<input type="text" name="dwqa_options[captcha-google-public-key]" value="'.$private_key.'" class="regular-text">

'; }
dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for your helps, I appreciate it.

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