TELL Communications Limited
asked 9 years ago

Is there a way that I can change the colour themes in the demos for DW Gamez ( and DW Focus (
I have particular colour themes in mind both for the text, background and boxes, hence need to test them out first to know which theme would fit the bill.

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Ratchaphol Srichandrabhandhu
answered 9 years ago

I think it is supposed to be in the theme setting. Or maybe under the setting panel at admin tab.
If you need the color that are not provided by DW, you might need a programmer for a quick customization on a particular color.
Here is my, i’ve changed many color to my custom design

answered 9 years ago

Of course, you can change the color of the DW Focus & DW Gamez by editing in the css files such as template.css, main.css. Also, in case you are not comfortable with programming, I can help you change the color for the theme, just let me know the position & color that you want to change. 

replied 9 years ago

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the response.
Kindly note that I am not talking about changing the colour option on my own site.
Rather I am asking about how to change the colour on the theme live demo (subdomains of design wall) so that I can immediately see (play around with the colours) in the effort to determine which theme is flexible enought to meet our needs BEFORE purchase.

Can this be done via the "inspect element" …
As I am not sure how we can access the template.css and main.css files for your live demo sites.

Dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Unfortunately, we don’t support this feature on the theme live demo right now. However, don’t worry, if you purchase our theme, anything else you need to help, we are ready to assist you as soon as possible.

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