Michael Piercy
asked 9 years ago


I have a query regarding the css for the DW Minion Theme. I’m trying to replicate the info on the About Page from the demo. Is there any documentation on these elements?

Also, from following the Documentation for Minion, It seems the CSS used for Advert banner is not being referenced. I’m getting the default bulleted list and the images lining up on top of each other with no border styling.

I love this theme and really would like to replicate the demo to work from so any advice on the matter would be great.

Many thanks.


1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

– At the moment, we not support the document guide to configure the About page. We have use code in the Text section of the page, you can refer our code here: http://snippi.com/s/9u91wtb
– Regarding issue of Advert banner in your site, you can tell me detail about this issue, please send me your site & a screenshot for further checking.

Michael Piercy
replied 9 years ago

Thanks for your reply Dominic. The URL I'm working on is http://www.MichaelPiercy.ie. You'll see that the side bar has the advert listed – my guess is a css style sheet is missing but can't see which one? Also, I added in the code you've given me above (thanks for that) and it works perfectly. Thanks again for the help. Michael

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