luke kes
asked 11 years ago

Everything looks exactly as expected! Plugin works great!
One minor issue, if there is an unregistered user and would like to answer a question, I do not see any sign up options before he answers that question. Basically, when a user clicks a question to answer, only Login fields are visible but there are no sign up fields for him to sign up. Please advise!
Thank you!

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Ankush Mehrotra
answered 11 years ago

Hi Luke, 
At the moment, the custom settings for login/register form is not available in back-end yet. You will have to edit it in template-functions.php located in dw-question-answer/inc/template-functions.php. Find line 197:


Edit/ add all you want in there.
Hope this helps!
It helped me on my website:

Dom Amor
answered 10 years ago

Do you plan on adding something to this in the future. Perhaps as better way to integrate other login / register plugins in the backend would be nice. Why not just make it so we add BBpress from the Q&A admin panel would be super nice. 

answered 10 years ago

@ Dom Amor !
At the current version of Q&A plugin, we do not support the anonymous question post. All the posts require login.
In Dashboard > DW Q&A plugin > Settings > Permission for Question
See the screenshot: When check anonymous, a login form will be displayed. See the screenshot:

replied 10 years ago

I am using DWQA Version 1.2.5 and I would like to change the register link to go to a different page. Could someone let me know where and what I should insert into the code of

Any help appreciated.


replied 10 years ago

Hi Mike,

I have found this on the internet, but have not tried it. Hope this works for you:

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