asked 11 years ago

I have installed bbPress in the wallPress theme. bbPress forum can’t be displayed correctly. Is a fix available?

2 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 11 years ago

Sorry, this theme doesn’t support bbPress at this time.

answered 11 years ago

Hi, the problem I had. What I took as a solution and sometimes faster, Mingle Forum. It integrates very well, and completely customize the design. Similarly, one can associate well with Mingle Forum BuddyPress. It works beautifully. This message of Mingle with CP and you can even obstruct the Posts and BuddyPress a Messages button.

Similarly, one can derive the profile and link to BuddyPress profile. I also felt that bbpress requires more resources than the Mingle Forum.

Cheers (sorry, my englisch is not good) (-;

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