asked 4 years ago

Hi Again Designwall Team and Moderator Group, 
i need to ask fix Upcoming Games Function,  when visitor click upcoming games not open the post only open category 😐
and i have one idea really best! <<< Game Page really best have gamespot << Follow Page,  News and Features Only Game, Videos, Images and Amazon Links and Game information widget, please check really good idea.

1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

Yes, I know what you want. 
At the moment, the upcoming page will open all the post of the game categories. We will check and discuss about this issue. 
About your idea, I sent and notified to our technical team, we will check it now.

replied 4 years ago

thanks dominic and can tell me when update theme ? end month ?

Dominic Staff
replied 4 years ago

We have checked your feedbacks with our technical team and see that some the feature as Follow Page, News and Features Only Game and Amazon Links and Game information widget. We won’t include this option to the DW Gamez.
We have created the widgets for the video and gallery, we will change the style and update the theme as soon as possible (about next week)

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