Mostofa Ahmed
asked 10 years ago

I want to change the text on Ask question button. Please let me know how to do that. Thanks.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Mostofa,
To change the  “Ask Question” button in the submit question form.  You can open the submit-question-form.php file in the folder path “wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer\inc\templates” find the line 59.
See the screenshot: 
Also, If you want to change the “Ask a Question” button  in the question list page:
please open the shortcodes.php file in the folder path “\wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer\inc”. Find the line 31.
See the screenshot:
Hope this helps!

Mostofa Ahmed
replied 10 years ago

Thanks. I’ve already translated this awesome plugins into my mother language Bangla. Thanks again.

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