Nutt D.
asked 10 years ago

I wrote my theme for website and then download this plugin but I cant be control by my theme.
I have div class “container” to config my site but dwqa is out of a container,
What file should be edit for solving this problem.

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Dear @nuttdam,
Please share you site url to look further. In the mean time you can look into this: and see if you can figure it out!

Nutt D.
replied 10 years ago

Can you help me to create template files for this site?


Blue Presley
answered 10 years ago

@BigHug and DW STAFF,
This is actually a small bug in DWQA.
In a non DWQA (or DW) theme, DWQA  incorporates an id=”container” in it’s HTML plugin structure.
I would suggest id=”dwqa-container” as the identifier.
I have many clients for whom I’ve incorporated this plugin, but id=”container” always breaks their themes because most themes / websites use the very popular id=”container” attribute.
@Nutt D. you’ll have to do what I did. For custom themes, you either have to edit the 3rd party theme to not have id=”container” ID, or, you have to edit the DWQA plugin to change it to something else. If you change the plugin, you have to make sure that you change the included style scripts as well (#container to be #dwqa-container, for example).
@staff, I think if you change this to something more specific to DWQA a lot of these problems will be alleviated.

replied 10 years ago

Thanks Blue,
We will remove ‘id=”container”‘ from default of our wrapper. We are working on making our plugin easier to be integrated with all themes, if you have any idea to contribute, we would love to hear it.

Blue Presley
replied 10 years ago

Very simple!!!


Please use id=”dwqa-container” as the element container wrapper (and not id=”container” for dwqa.

I think the best way to learn about this for the DW staff is choose any 3rd party theme and you can see how DW wording conflicts with typical semantics.

I struggled with this with a custom theme for our production site, but if you’d like, I can reproduce on a test server..

apart from that, if you make sure that DWQA HTML elements are unique, I think you’ll have no problem.


replied 10 years ago

good idea 😉 id=”dwqa-container” it can be useful, and if dw plugin have like this container, wrapper all of them can change dwqa-wrapper, dwqa-container..

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