Nico Pagel
asked 10 years ago
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Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

Hi Nico, 
Glad that you are interested in this page of ours.
In DW Question & Answer plugin, we already support a function in which displays all the users with the most answers in a period of time:

 dwqa_user_most_answer( $number = 10, $from = false, $to = false );

The code is located in dw-question-answer/inc/actions.php line 1077.
To illustrate, if I want to have a list of 10 users with the most answers in the last 7 days, I will create a new page with the following code:

 * Template Name: Experts List

$users = dwqa_user_most_answer(10, strtotime('-7 days'));
foreach ($users as $user) {
$user_info = get_userdata( $user['post_author'] );
echo $user_info->display_name.'<br />';

get_footer(); ?>

Then log in to Dashboard > Pages > Add New. Name the page title “Experts List” (for example).
In Page Attributes, select Page template = Experts List and it’s done

Hope this helps! Please try and let us know the results 🙂

Nico Pagel
replied 10 years ago

Thx but I want also the layout like yours. Could you send me the complete code plus the css to my e-mail? That would not be so much work for me instead of doing it on my own. How you should now I already bought a theme of yours. Thx! ([email protected])

replied 10 years ago

Hi Nico,
Regarding your request, unfortunately we cannot do that. We cannot send you the complete code and CSS of the site to you.
Yes we know that you have purchased our themes, but it does not change the fact that we do not support customization and modification work.
Please understand us on this case.

replied 10 years ago

Hi Jin,

I can understand that you don’t want to share your websites code. But it would add tremendous value to the plugin. It has the functionality built in as you suggested, but an expert list would make it all the more better. I guess the difficulty would be the associated buddy press code, which is used for the profile info and the activity.

I am facing a similar problem and it would make a lot more sense if DWQA has this option. I am hopeful you would be able to assist.

replied 10 years ago

Hi Guru,
At the moment since the plugin does not fully support to integrate Buddy Press, even we share the css code from our site, it does not guarantee that it will work on your site. Custom code will be needed.
We will research and support this function at core for the plugin with style and everything.
Thanks for your comment anyway 🙂

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