Kimberly Anderson
asked 10 years ago

How do you integrate the Q+A Search with the Site Search. To achieve one search bar for the entire site searching Q+A, Blog Posts, Pages, Comments, etc..

  • This is for a multisite installation. 
  • Thinking about using the Focus theme.
  • Thinking about using the Dave WordPress Live Search
  • Thinking about using Multisite Global Search 

But open to recommendations 🙂 
Thank you very much. 

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Unfortunately, Our DW Q&A plugin does not support this issue.

Kimberly Anderson
replied 10 years ago

Your site and Themes are very well designed. Thank you.
What enhanced search plugins do you use on this site? (To be able to display the drop down menu on the search bar and the results organized by the same criteria?)
Thank you,

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