Ken Addams42
asked 10 years ago

Hi !
For the purpose of a website, I have made some comparaisons with all Q&A plugins and I think DWQA is one of the most interesting.
However, I would like to modify the content of the question form, without modifying the content of the plugin itself. I need to pass a parameter value to the URL (ie : call and force the Question Category to the “reference” value passed as argument.
To achieve that I need to modify the dw-question-answer/inc/template-functions.php, that I would like to avoid (because for each new update of the plugin, I will have to modify that file again).
Is there a way to templatize the content of the Question form ?
Thank you for your help,

3 Answers
Ken Addams42
answered 10 years ago

I simply replaced in the dwqa-templates/submit-question.php in my theme directory, the dwqa_submit_question_form() (which describes the content of the question form), by a custom one.

answered 10 years ago

Please follow the guide to make a backup of your modification in the themes folder to future proof your modification in case of updates:

DW Question & Answer Plugin

answered 10 years ago

Hello Ken ! 
I think you have resolved the issue with suggestion provided by Guru. I will mark the “Resolved” status for this question.

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