Auvray Sébastien
asked 8 years ago

Hello everyone,

First, sorry for my english. But i try to explains my problems.

Ok, I buy the themes "Dw Brickstore" and i went to my home page insert a return line. But i did no succedd.

For to do this. I write in my home page with page builder, widget DW Brickstore: Blurb this, for exmple :

welcome to my home page.

But you look this :

Hello, weclome to my home page.

So, i try to put a
tag but i did not work. Then, i try to put
tag inside a tag but i didn’t work again.

My question is, how to creat a return line in my case ?

Thanks a lots for your help and have a nice day.

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

I have answered your question here:
Please send me a screenshot & your site for further checking, if you still face there issue.

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