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asked 4 years ago

Hi! i cant setup the permalinks to be %%question-category%% %%question%%.
 For example the question "how to change my windscreen" is in auto question-category. I want the permalinks to be, but the  permalink is
 On dwqa  plugin seting, the permalinks settings are 

  1. Single Question——–question
  2. Single Category———question-category
  3. Single Tag—————–question-tag
7 Answers
answered 4 years ago

Hello Marian ! 
If you want to change the permalink as your example “”, you can log in to Dashboard > Page > select the “Quick edit” section for the page then change the Slug.
See the screenshot:  Hope this helps !

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replied 4 years ago

Hi Dominic!

I am not really sure if I have understood the answer.

The asker is asking if instead of having question as a category slug for each single question. Is it possible to have the category that the question belongs to as the category slug in permanent links.

Overall it would a good SEO improvement.

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replied 4 years ago

Something like that Gur. Thx for tghe Help.
ANother example: the question ” what is is your cpc” and ” where to put my add code” are in “adsense” question category. The permalink of question must to be and

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answered 3 years ago

Did anyone solved this problem?

answered 3 years ago

Please go to your Dashboard -> DWQA -> Settings . In Permalink section, you can change url parameter for your questions.

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answered 3 years ago

Sorry i do not know did you understand,
question is, if we have some question created
Example :  
how to-setup permalinks? 
and on submit question page we chose question answer Category
We asked is there solution to have url like this
so question-answer is dynamically changed on every different Category we selected  on submit question page..
so another question example
How to ride bicycle? Category selected: Sport
we want
Thank you for answer

answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your additional info, your data lets me totally understand what you mean. However, unfortunately DW Q&A plugin does not yet support this issue at the moment,

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answered 9 months ago

Hi any answer for the above problem ? 
If not can i ask you guys how you do SEO for this QA site like this.
I thought permalinks to fix the above should be easy programming.

answered 9 months ago

At the moment,  the DW Q&A plugin does not yet support this issue at the moment, you can use the Yoast Seo plguin.

Profile photo of pvkgbthpvkgbth
replied 1 month ago

hey Yoast Seo plguin not works for this like websites post and pages because post and pages are indexing very well but DW Q&A not indexing in google.

replied 1 month ago

Yes, Thank for your feedback, I will send to our technical team about this issue, we will discuss about it.

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