Dr Adil Ramzan
asked 9 years ago

Really it is an awesome, i have tried all, anspresss, CM answers, and others, but this one, really awesome, no external link, free, all options, perfectly customizable email, all look so professional, one think i will really like and appreciate if you can do it in the future updates, then this feature will make it universal.
Please add the feature of custom fields.
For example as i am a doctor, i don’t need tags field, i want to disable it, instead of this i would like have other information from my customer, for example his age etc. and i hope in the future updates you will add the pay per question option too or paid membership option too, but don’t disable the free question option. I think i am askin for too much, but still its perfect for a 0 cost. Thank you so very much. Love you for this.
Best regards.
Dr. Adil

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Thank you for interesting in our product and your feedback. We appreciate it.
I sent and notified our technical team about your suggestion. We will discuss about it.
Any your suggestion will make our product become better and better, my friend.

replied 9 years ago

Thank you fro the reply. I am so greatful.

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