Paul Ruez
asked 7 years ago

Maybe you WP experts can share… I need an interactive form where users can post comments to a specific part of the form. I need to pre-screen the submissions before they go live – and – I want the people submitting comments to log in so I can track who is using the form.

I have no knowledge of WP so please tell me if this is the program to use to meet my need. If it is, please suggest the easiest ways to build this form.

Thanks Very Much…
Paul Ruez
Oceanside High School
Work Place Skills Advocate

1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

I got what you mean, what you are looking to build your website. However, it isn’t easy to suggest or give any right solutions to be suitable with your theme. Of course, I have found many plugins supported the comment system. Unfortunately, they are not popular as well as ready to support what you want.

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