Abdulrahman Hariri
asked 11 years ago

I love your Q&A plugin. I am currently building an online platform for a lot of people interested in my niche. I was thinking of building the Q&A functionality and somehow I stumbled upon your Q&A plugin, I really like it!
I really only have one concern in my mind, which is really me thinking on the long run (say 5 years from now?) which has to do with content. Does the plugin use custom post types to store information or does it use a complex structure.
I am asking this because I want to know if I would be able to pull and display data easily if something happened to the plugin, say, perhaps you stopped developing it? I know the plugin being free is a huge plus for me, but also, I don’t mind paying for continued support & updates to the plugin to keep my customers happy.
So, what’s your take on this? would it be easy to reach and display content if they were custom posts, etc? Are you planning to actively develop this despite being free or perhaps are you planning to sustain it through a paid option or support?
Once again, I love it!
Many thanks!

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Abdulrahman

Thank you for your interest in our plugin.
As for questions and answers we use post types and comment is WordPress comment. You can absolutely pull and display data even after uninstalling our plugin.
Regarding the plan for this plugin, we will try to keep the core for free, but we are thinking about custom development for it and yes will sell it along the core.
Hope this answers your questions

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