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There are a few problems I ran into when trying to log in to the account I created here on designwall.com.
1.  When you create an account, you don’t have to set up a password.  That’s not a problem in itself, but there should be something that makes it easier for the user to log in the next time, such as an email upon account creation with a link to create a password.
2.  I clicked the “forgot password” link to reset the password for my account.  The email said: “To reset your password, visit the following address:” and then there was blank space instead of a link.  In my email client I viewed the source code to the email, and there was a URL, but it was formatted in a way so that it doesn’t show up in the email.
3.  The “log in” popup on designwall.com doesn’t have a “forgot password” link.

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Dear @wpwm14
I can see that the register form on design wall website has been modified to create a password. and the submit a question form now requires the users to register or login before they can submit a question. 
However, I tested the plugin on a couple of website and it is working even though the email that is sent to the registrant with the password takes some time to arrive but the password is working and can be changed later on.
However it would make sense if the same implementation that the designwall.com website has should be a part of the plugin as a standard feature.
Best regards,

Jayasri N
replied 10 years ago

Hello, what is the process to change the system generated password?

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

When registration the user gets an email with the username and password. After login, user can change the password in profile.
See the screenshot: http://imgur.com/k21I10M

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