Matthias Sondermann
asked 8 years ago


I am really in need of such a Q/A Plugin and yours seems sufficient (Pro Version + Markdown + Widgets). But before I have 2 requirements which I need to be able to get to work.
So here it is:
It would be a plus if the categories could be a list of specific post types and not the categories I make on my own – is that possible? And do have Tags also their own permalinks?

Is it possible to make something like in this Q&A like “Topic” and give a predefined list – and can that list also be sorted?

Another important one: I am using BuddyPress on my page and all the pictures are shown directly from Facebook and not saved in my DB – would it be easy for me to overwrite the function showing the user profile picture to my own function which shows the linked FB-image?

Thank you in advance for your time – I hope my issues can be resolved than I will be happy to buy your plugin + extensions 🙂

2 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hi for the 1st issue : at the categories issue, im not sure what you mean, so i understand it like this : you mean each post type of you is a category of a question ?

for the tags issue : yes they hay permalinks

Second issue: It make me very confuse because i can’t understand your idea to give a list for doing what?

3rd issue: it’s about buddypress plug-in and i think your issue can be solve but not easy, it could be some custom work.

answered 8 years ago

I wondering that you have checked your question link and see the answer from Allen, If you still face their issue, please let me know, we will check and help you resolve it.

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