asked 4 years ago
  1. When is your update for DWQA coming out, you mentioned this month (March right)? will this address bugs?
  2. I have been reading through the Pre-sale and Technical Questions, some mention that the plugin does not work on mobile with the markdown editor. Will this be fixed in the update? 
  3. What is the typical time to answer a question by Support here? Are you the only one who is DEV and doing support? I have waited over a week for a response and I have a fear that if I purchase I won’t be supported. Do you have a better way/method to get support? I have tried your email and the forum here. Is extended support through Themeforest different than getting it here, they have an extended plan you can add on.
  4. Can you update the color or a way to identify if someone pays for a question in the update your doing? I need both paid and free questions.
  5. What is the process to differentiate who has paid for a question and which questions are free? I can’t determine this with documentation. Is there a back end and front end way to notice? Do you have any photos to see this?
  6. Can I keep all questions hidden until they are answered? 
  7. Are the Visual and text editors free without a subscription can one just download that for DWQA, I see it says free but then I goto the plugin page and it mentions subscription. 
  8. Can you point me to a document or area to read how a paid question is handled by Woocomerce? Do you offer any demos of how to pay for a question? I want to offer a subscription for questions though my site and woocomerce (package Elementor element) … how would I do this. 
  9. How compatible is this plugin with mobile? I would love to do this with your plugin is it possible (it’s paid for mobile questions to subject matter experts, seems similar in concept, packages are offered to those who ask the questions): https://reachableapp.com/
  10. Can you make the plugin fully compatible with Elementor, this is the number one page builder.
  11. Can you make training videos like the other Q&A videos about the operation and setup of the app? This would be helpful.  A walkthrough of the features/ settings would be helpful. See your competitor does it: https://www.cminds.com/cm-answer-store-page-content/#demo 


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answered 4 years ago

1/ We are checking and fixing some of the issues and will release the latest version this week. 
2/ Yes, the mobile device has many improvements and not support the markdown editor. The markdown Editor issue won’t update/fix in this version. We are trying to find the best solution for this feature. 
3/ At the moment, we have some issues with the supporter. We will check and answer the questions in the 24h to 48h. We will improve the support team the next time. 
4/ At the moment, we won’t update this feature for the plugin. 
5/ You can check and manage the time of the user from the Dashboard > Users. 
6/ Yes, you can configure in the Dashboard > Questions > Settings. 
7/ Yes, this is the default of the plugin. 
8/ You can refer here: https://www.designwall.com/blog/woocommerce-pay-per-post-have-supported-in-dw-qa-plugin-v1-2-1/
9/ The plugin still works fine one the mobile and we will check and improve the Markdown editor. 
10/ At the moment, we are checking and updating the plugin. However, we can fix it for you if you are using the plugin now.

11/ The plugin is very easy to use/configure, you can refer here: https://www.designwall.com/guide/dw-question-answer-plugin/
If you have any issue or question, you can use LiveChat to contact with us or create a question on our forum, we will check and help you. 

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