Quentin Jeandel
asked 10 years ago

I use the plugin UPME for managing users (Profil, Login, Register) but activating the DW question answer plugin disables / breaks UPME user registration form (which is managed on the front-end through the UPME plugin). When going at the registration page, it just doesn’t render any content after the opening single content div but with DW question answer plugin off, the registration works fine.
Any idea of what could be the cause ?
Thanks for your help!

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Unfortunately, At the moment, our DW Q&A plugin does not support third party plugin.

David Last
replied 10 years ago

You are misunderstanding his issue. DWQA is causing a conflict with another WordPress plugin. So as a conflict it is not a question about “support”. You need to investigate the cause of the conflict with the other plugin and solve it.

DWQA should be developed in a way that it does not create conflicts like this with other plugins, am I right?

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Thanks David !
Unfortunately, our plugin is conflicting with an other plugin, so we don’t yet fix it for you right now. We will consider and discuss as well this in the upcoming version of the plugin. Sorry about that and also thanks for letting us know.

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